They named me
little Janet Lee
all 6 pounds,
7th of May,
you need not
know the year.
My auburn hair
in springy curls
wasted on tomboy
swingin’ from trees
dirty, white anklets,
scraped knobby knees,
my sweet mother,
I didn’t please…
Gifts I gave,
bugs in jars
and dead mice…
to be precise.
As a teen,
so very rebellious,
so very sneaky,
so very romantic,
so so crazy—
Just to Be!
Full of adventure:
boats, fast cars,
motorcycles to ride,
wild parties, and
longing for Woodstock,
no place to hide.
Peace, freedom, music,
on the road
I’m  still going
around, and around
Running, soaring, flying
so so high
spreading my wings—
hoping and dreaming…
A fly girl?
“Coffee, tea, me?”
little white gloves
broad shoulder pads
miles and miles
had to see.
Back home again
my childhood sweetheart,
our wedding bells,
daughter, a son.
. . . finally, we’re Complete!
…our grandchild next?
tiny little toes,
count them – ten
to fill shoes,
kiss boo boos
start over again.
Life too beautiful
to write words
especially for me,
the quirky writer.